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Bland Legacy is a family-owned brand which allows our children to channel their creativity through the design of custom apparel. A brand that wants to add to the world by providing inspiration and affirmations that helps others through their life journey.

It doesn't stop there as the legacy must continue to grow and be fruitful. We have discovered that it was time to break generational curses, of living the same cycle and that started with us, the parents of four amazing kids. We have made it our mission and purpose to teach our kids what they are not going to learn in school. That is what it takes to be happy and live in your purpose, how to identify opportunities and financial literacy of course among other things. The Bland Legacy brand started out as simply a design apparel but it grew into a shift of mindset and inspiration that will create a legacy of abundance and wealth. Wealth being whatever our kids imagine it to be.

We started this journey in 2021 and plan to slowly and gradual increase our streams of income and grow our family businesses one day at a time. Our plan is to have created a legacy full of purpose and full of opportunity creating a new cycle of generational wealth, knowledge and skill. 

Keep track of our journey as we continue to build our legacy and eventually grow into a dynasty.

The Bland Family

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